Professional DevOps Services.

Elevate your development process to the next level with our DevOps services. We can help you with server maintenance, server migration, and speeding up your website.

Be One Step Closer to Success.

A team of excellent software developers is essential for creating great products. However, you will need more than that. Surely you would not want to waste precious development time on deployment problems or server errors. Even the best software performs poorly on the wrong infrastructure.

Creating excellent software products is not only about software development. With our experience in development operations and software infrastructure, we can help you achieve an effective, reliable workflow and ultimately deliver better software.

Our Offers for WooCommerce.

Development and Production Environments

Never again be afraid to push that save or that update button! Develop in a safe environment, and only publish well-tested changes.
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Order and Product Migration

We can migrate thousands of products and orders within reasonable time. No plugin is needed!
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Bot Protection

Bots and webcrawlers are eating up your server resources? Say goodby to them and welcome your real visitors!
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Admin Area Speed Up

Are you wasting invaluable work hours on a slow admin area? Let us help speed it up for you!
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Page Load Performance

If your page loads longer than 3 seconds, you are losing half of customers. Do you need help sppeding it up?
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Marketing Campaign Support

Christmass? Black Friday? Are you planning a marketing campaign? Can you server handle it? Make sure it does!
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CI/CD Pipelines

Are you a professional WordPress developer? With our pipeline automation services you can concentrate on what really matters.
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Separate Domain for Admin Area

Separate you store front from your admin area. You will be surprised by the advantages this brings you!
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Update All Software

Is your site hopelessly outdated? Maybe not so, We can update your WordPress, all your plugins, your PHP and Database.
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Gabor Angyal

Hi, I am Gabor Angyal, founder of Code Sharp. I have worked with people of various technical and non-technical backgrounds. Over the years, I have learned that transparent processes and clear communication with customers and colleagues are almost as important as providing excellent technical service. Therefore, at Code Sharp, we prioritize making complex solutions understandable for our clients.

Our Services

You have Free Unlimited Updates and Premium Support on each package.


Cloudflare Configuration

Cache Setup

Web Application Firewall Setup

API Development

PHP Configuration and Cache Setup

Daily 2x offsite backups

Migrate Existing Webshop


Amazon Web Services Setup and Development

VPS Configuration

Load balancer setup

Automatic offsite backups

CI /CD Pipeline Setup

Set up production and staging environments

Admin Area Performace Optimization


Google PageSpeed Optimization

Image Optimization

Lazy Loading

Code Coverage

Combine Small CSS and JS files

Cache Preloading

Guaranteed mobile load time¹:







¹ Applies to websites with less than 1000 DOM elements and less than 60% unused Javascript (measured by Google Chrome Coverage tool).

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